Time to Dice

49: Cast out

  • Colwyn tries to attack the Illithid. As someone who has grown up in the Underdark, he knows all too well what a creature like this is capable of. Phantom, however, throws the gnome out of the room. During the conversation that follows, Talareg and Rana gain a bit more information about The Frozen One from the mind flayer. According to Alyuth, there is a good chance that The Frozen One in his humanoid form is indeed what is left of the ancient white dragon Ciamath. He was the only one who, about two thousand years ago, survived the great destruction of his kind as they were fought and destroyed by men and a group of arcanists. Alyuth furthermore warns them that back then, TFO was known to be cunning, that he liked to play, and that he was likely trying to lure the party into some kind of trap. Using a magical item from the Illithid’s workshop, Rana casts a ritual in an attempt to locate TFO. He seems to be headed east, and he still has Lilli’s holy symbol.
  • When they leave, Colwyn tries to break into the room, causing Phantom to cast a hold person spell on him. The gnome is then carried back upstairs by Talareg and Rana. As soon as the spell wears off, however, Colwyn frees himself and demands that all of them stay away from him, and he makes sure to leave the fortress as fast as possible, but not without being threatened by Phantom to never ever violate his hospitality again. Talareg leaves soon after as well.
  • Colwyn tells Keena and Lilli about the mind flayer and about the general nature of this species, leaving both of them horrified, especially when Talareg joins and tells them about the artificial brain that rested in a pool of brine in the middle of the mind flayer’s room. This brain, the ranger explains, holds the knowledge of all previous leaders of the sentinels, who agreed to have their brain removed soon after they die so that it may be absorbed by the artificial brain. Colwyn and Lilli agree that they cannot allow this to continue and wonder how they could destroy the mind flayer – and the sentinels along with it. Keena’s and Talareg’s call for reason remains unheard, especially since Colwyn is convinced that Talareg and Rana, possibly all of the sentinels, are under the mind control of the Illithid. Keena casts a spell on Talareg that is supposed to break any form of domination or evil influence, but the ranger doesn’t feel any different afterwards.
  • Hearing parts of the conversation as she eventually walks in, Rana sees little use to argue over what is being said. She informs the others, Lilli in particular, that she will leave the group once they have dealt with TFO. The warlock then walks to the courtyard’s entrance. While the others continue their debate for some time longer, Rana steps behind a statue for a moment to cut off the better part of her braid before burying it in the snow. When she returns to the courtyard’s entrance, she begins to hear whispers in the air. Talareg joins and asks what was the matter since he doesn’t hear anything. Rana steps outside the courtyard, but the whispers and the growing restlessness remain. Then, Talareg feels it too, something like an electric current in the air that makes his hair stand on end. The two begin to walk back to the others, but Rana stops half way there and begins to cast a detecting ritual. Checking in with Keena, Talareg finds out that the druid feels the same unease.
  • Then, a portal opens in the middle of the courtyard, and from the depths of a different plane, the Mother of the Abyss appears in her true, humongous, monstrous shape. From the mass of blackness and tentacles, her human form appears, only to point a finger at Rana and utter: “Betrayer.”



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