Time to Dice

40: Two Parties

  • Once Lilli, Keena, and Talareg have returned, they further discuss their travel to Anghor and a letter is sent to Lady Emberbreeze, as they yet have to find out whether or not she found out more about all things related to The Frozen One. In her reply, the head arcanist asks the party to stop by at their earliest convenience. It is furthermore decided that there will be a party at the Guild Hall before heading out to catch the ship at Peynol.
  • On their way to the arcanium, the group stops by at Anya’s store to purchase a few items for the journey. Anya is very excited to be invited to the party along with her husband.
  • At the arcanium, the whole council including the emperor officially thanks Tempus Alea for their effort in taking back Easthallow. Aside from handing out a monetary reward, the emperor announces that a keep will be built according to the party’s specifications. Eventually, the emperor also asks Colwyn if he would like to become an official member of Tempus Alea, and the gnome accepts. Lady Emberbreeze does not have any news regarding The Frozen One, but when she hears that the party is traveling to Anghor to follow a lead, she offers to teleport all of them straight to the Drucurian city. The offer is gratefully accepted, since this means that a few more days can be spent with travel preparations. Since Gaetan also happens to be at the council meeting, Rana invites him to the party.
  • When everyone returns to the Guild Hall later, Anya, Reza, Delia, and Kathra have already started the party. Rana asks Keena she had a moment, and she leads them down into the workshop. In reference to the necklace Keena gave Rana a couple of weeks ago, the warlock takes another attempt at explaining why she doesn’t think of Keena (or anyone else in the party) as family. While her blood family has been surrounded by tragedy and feelings of guilt for the past few years—something Rana wants to set right—the warlock simply never felt the wish to have a family of her own, blood-related or not: “I’m not someone who stays. … I don’t want you to get hurt by possibly holding on to wishes or expectations I can’t and won’t live up to.” She says she understands how important finding a family is for Keena, though, and hopes that her wish is fulfilled soon. Then, she offers Keena her friendship. Keena, deeply upset by what she believes to be Rana’s disregard for her own family as well as the druid’s feelings, takes back her necklace for the time being. She then leaves the guild hall.
  • While the party upstairs is afoot, Lilli (dressed in a toga and magically gilded) searches for Keena after Rana gives her a rough idea of what happened. She finds the druid at the park near the clinic, where she checks in on her and also manages to cheer her up a bit. At some point, Gaetan joins them. He informs Keena and Lilli that the council ordered him to join the journey east (“I hope you won’t kill us all in our sleep” – Lilli), and then proceeds to get some ale for the park-bench party.



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