The Hero and Flagon

Tavern and Inn.

Staff: Fastrib

Stewed Chicken and Buckwheat Bread, Tankard of Cider (12 gp)
Boiled Parsnip, Mug of Ale (3 gp)
Wheat Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Mead (4 gp)
Pickled Duck and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Ale (11 gp)
Buckwheat Porridge, Mug of Mead (3 gp)
Roasted Artichoke, Mug of Mead (4 gp)
Boiled Mutton and Dried Carrot, Tankard of Ale (10 gp)

Cider (1gp)
Ale (2gp)
Mead (3gp)

Drink Size:
Mug (1gp)
Tankard (2gp)
Flagon (3gp)

The Hero and Flagon

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