Time to Dice

44: What lives in the moor

  • The party defeats the creepy undead creatures of the Ashenwater Moor, but unfortunately loses all but two camels. Gaetan receives a magical sending scroll, which causes him to leave. Seeing her suspicions about the rogue confirmed, Rana attempts to stop Gaetan from taking one of the last camels with her eldritch blast – to no avail. Keena shapeshifts into a camel, and the party continues on its journey west.
  • Avoiding border control, Tempus Alea enters the Kelyran Empire and makes it to the small town of Carran. After a brief rest, Talareg, Keena, and Rana ask around to find out what the best route towards the Sundercrest Mountains might be. The ranger learns that a group of renegade soldiers turned bandits frequently ambushes travelers on the merchant road north-west of Carran. Due to her skin color that places her ethnic origin in Drucuria, Rana is paid with derogative remarks instead of useful information.
  • A decision is made to follow the trade road only for a short while before turning north to then travel along the coastline. The party buys three horses and leaves the last camel behind.
  • Tempus Alea enters the Evermist Woods. True to its name, a misty haze covers the ground every night. Lilli informs the others that she has heard of creatures called foglets, spirit-like entities that don’t only create a veiling mist, but also have the power to inhabit dead bodies. During the second night of camping, some of the party members notice faint shapes in the mist and then begin to hear disembodied whispers. Eventually, all of them hear it, sometimes softer, sometimes louder. They are not alone…



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