Time to Dice

5: Wanted

When Ta’lareg tells Rana and Keena that he heard the guards talk about an elven woman they had captured, the warlock urges the group to do something. They decide to send Verrin to the Emerald Arcanium which also holds the city’s dungeon.

Thanks to his status as a knight of Dendros, Verrin is granted access and indeed finds Khandril in one of the prison cells. He sends away the guards to speak to her alone. Khandril says that the captain of the guards, Lady Toma, demanded information about a person named Aerin, an alleged terrorist, but that she, Khandril, had never heard of that person. Since Khandril’s story about her travel to Dendros matches with what the halfling learned from Rana and the others, he proceeds to have Khandril released. This proves easy enough as soon as he finds out that the high-elf is in possession of an Emperor’s badge.

Meanwhile, Ta’lareg, Keena, and Rana walk back to the Hero and Flagon, but even before they get close, they notice that guards are placed outside the tavern. A moment later, a tall, heavy built man in half-plate armor comes out the front door. Judging by his looks, he is half-elven, and his face is covered in scars. His presence is not exactly welcome, as the barkeep follows on the stranger’s feet, shouting something the party cannot hear and spitting on the ground – for which he is backhanded by one of the guards. Before he leaves the scene, the grim looking half-elf puts up a flyer.

Witnessing the scene, Keena wants to aid the barkeeper, but Rana and Ta’lareg hold her back, promising that the man will be fine. They explain that it would be too dangerous for her to go over there right now, and Rana asks if they could check in on The Dancing Pebble, the tavern the group briefly stayed at after their arrival in Dendros. Since Keena still wants to go and help the innkeeper. Rana loses her patience and storms off. One last time, Ta’lareg tries to persuade the druid to come with them – in the end, he describes the way to the other tavern and follows Rana, whereas Keena transforms into a rat and scurries off towards the Hero and Flagon.

The druid enters the tavern and ends up in the cellar. To her surprise she finds that, instead of holding food and beverages, there is an array of small tunnels in the darkened room. Through the cracks of a trapdoor, Keena catches a glimpse of the barkeep who nurses a black eye but otherwise seems to be alright. She returns to Ta’lareg and Rana.

Even before they reach The Dancing Pebble, Ta’lareg and Rana see that guards have been stationed in the surrounding buildings. Seeing the warlock furious and worried, Ta’lareg asks what it was that she wanted to take care of at the tavern. Rana confesses that the tavern used to belong to her parents and that the person she spoke to on the night of the party’s arrival was in fact her mother. Since there is nothing they can do at this point, the ranger and the warlock return into the direction they came from.

They meet up with Keena, who tells Rana about the weird tunnels at the Hero and Flagon. Pretending to just be a passer-by, Ta’lareg takes a closer look at the flyer the grim looking half-elf left earlier. It is a wanted poster, showing a sketch of Rana. The text underneath warns the citizen of Dendros that the false prophet had returned, but that they did not need not worry, as a Twilight Sentinel was sent to capture her. If found, they should immediately report to the guards or Lady Toma. Refusing to help the Sentinel or the guards would be punishable…

Eventually, the three of them come across Verrin and Khandril, and the halfling leads them to an upscale tavern called The Grotto. After treating themselves to a warm meal, ale, and tea (and a bath, in Rana’s case), the party meets up in one of the rooms to fill each other in on the day’s events. Khandril eventually leaves the group after she tells them that she saw an old friend she hasn’t seen in a long time.

The party is at a loss what to do next, and so they decide to retreat for the night.



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