Time to Dice

1: Raising suspicion

Rana and Khandril make their way the fourth level of Dendros. Khandril conducts private research at the Emerald Arcanium. She also stops by at Professor Brassbind’s office, only to find it empty, yet covered in scrolls, scraps, and pieces of paper – evidence of the dwarf’s effort to find a solution for the curse of the Duerga.
Rana visits the temple of Gilean, god of knowledge, hoping to find her old friend Belendithas, for he might be the one to know more about the warlock’s horrible vision of death and destruction. From a young half-elf she learns that the high priest of Gilean set out to lead a group of people into the ruins of the excavation site of Dendros. Rana’s visit rouses the attention of two other clerics, who apparently are able to see through the magical disguise she has been using for the past days.
As Khandril and Rana head to the arena, they realize that they are being followed by said clerics. In casting invisibility on both of them Khandril prevents a confrontation.

Ta’lareg and Durion enter the martial arts competition at the arena and, unbeknownst to them, come across Verrin for the first time. While Ta’lareg is defeated in his first match, the halfling champion Verrin prevails in a fight against an eager young lad.
Afterwards, Ta’lareg and Durion meet up with Rana and Khandril and are warned that the warlock’s visit to the temple raised some suspicion.

The party walks back to their tavern – openly followed by half-elf Keena, whom Rana had bumped into earlier. As they discuss the possible risk of being caught by the clerics, Rana confides in the group, telling them that she used to be a priestess in training at the temple of Gilean, but that she had to flee Dendros eventually after she had been accused of murder. She reports how during the winter festival four years ago, her father, a close friend of the family, and his son vanished in front of her eyes, as if being swallowed by a portal. Due to the fact that several of the other clerics at the temple always thought her to be weird thanks to strange dreams she has had as long as she could remember and two “public visions” (i.e., Rana screaming that everyone in Dendros would die – but nothing happened afterwards), the young woman was taken into custody. Things turned really bad as the friend of the family who had vanished along with her father and the boy turned up dead, his eyes removed, clutching Rana’s holy pendant in his hand…

Agreeing that the return of her vision – and in a far more detailed version at that – meant nothing good, the party decides to investigate further into the meaning of the vision, the strange, elven-like creature in particular. Then they proceed to deal with the rather nosy half-even woman who had followed them to the tavern. Ta’lareg questions the druid, and, despite some reservations coming from Rana, the party eventually welcomes Keena as a new member.

The following morning, Rana receives the same gruesome vision a second time.



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