Time to Dice

43: Dangers on the road

  • On their way to Duranthel, the party witnesses the dangers of traveling on desert roads. Once, they come across a blood-soiled camp where a group of merchants must have been assaulted and slaughtered the night before. The next day, Tempus Alea sees how in the distance, three humanoid beings are swallowed by a humongous sand worm – and they remember that Tempest once had to come face to face with one of those creatures as part of a contract.
  • Finally, the party arrives at Duranthel, where they find a tavern to stay at for the night. Rana talks to a soldier who lost a good part of her arm during a fight against elven forces from the neighboring Kelyran Empire. The skirmish took place weeks ago in the midst of the Ashenwater Moor. This is where the party was advised to go through in order to enter the elvish territory. The soldier advises Rana to avoid all Kelyran soldiers and stay clear of both the road and the southern side of the moor where “nasty things” lived between the lava rocks.
  • When the party enters the moor the next day, they still run into a problem, right in the middle of the moor. A problem they did not expect. Carrion creatures, looking like a horrid human-bat hybrid, feast on the last meaty remnants of the military clash. Keena distracts them momentarily with a simple magic trick. Then, however, the creatures become aware of the party’s camels that where left behind, and approach…



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