Time to Dice

Campaign recap before the arrival at Dendros

Party #1

The party finds itself in the small coastal town of Peynol, a very small fishing village in the north-east of Talonia. They buy a trip on a carriage to the capital city of Talonvale. About halfway there, they camp out for the night and find themselves ambushed, bound, and gagged by a group of goblins that have been menacing the carriages as of late. The guard, Reza, that was hired to protect the wagon, frees the party from the goblins and flees to a safe distance. They track the goblins back to their den, and with the help of Reza slaughter them, acquire some treasure, and make their way to Talonvale.

The party reaches the town and goes shopping for both goods and company. Reza approaches the party members once more. He pays them for their assistance with the goblin horde and asks them for service. He successfully hires the group to exchange a package with on old family friend who lives in the forest to the south. The party leaves for the forest, and after some time traveling inside, the members find themselves in a lost forest puzzle. After solving it, they are almost trampled by a stampede. A forest sprite encourages the druid Lyra to follow her into the forest. The party finds a group of cultists surrounding a crystal monument above a mysterious cursed pool of purple liquid.

The party kills the cultists, but not before said cultists summon a group of needle blights. The party, however, is victorious. They activate the crystal which leads them to an underground cavern full of spiders, troglodytes, darkmantles, and an ocher ooze. After almost losing their tank, Lokrii, the party rests, then presses forward into a downward spiraling pathway which leads to a rocky cavern with another crystal monument and another cultist. A fight ensues between the party, the cultist, and a summoned displacer beast. The party prevails and interrogates the cultist. The ever curious Lyra places her hand upon the dark sigil which afflicts her and a few other members of the party, rendering them unconscious. The dark cultist however is afflicted in a different way…

After some time interrogating the cultist, the party finally attempts to kill him, but he vanishes into an ethereal mist and disappears into thin air. Finding a relic on the cultist and tinkering with the objects, the group is able to revive Lady Lyra and shatter the sigil. Carrying the rest of the party out of the cave, they find that the pool of purple liquid has been restored and the curse lifted. Wearily, the party presses on to Canir, the man they are to take the package to.

They meet him and exchange the packages, he explains a bit about the cultists, and tries to help the downed party members, but to no avail. Canir sends word to the Talonvale arcanium about the recent events and informs the party members that they should attend the tribunal. The party makes its way back and takes the downed members to the arcanium. Finally, the group returns to Reza. He pays them for the job well done and introduces them to his good friend Anya, the enchantress. The party takes some time to create some magical items.

Party #2

The new party is assigned to transport a prisoner, a human male, associated with many crimes including kidnapping, dismemberment, and murder. The group is tasked with transporting this prisoner to the city of Dendros to the north. Nearly an 8th of the way to Dendros, the caravan is ambushed, and the prisoner escapes with the help of an elven woman who had pretended to be a mercenary protecting the caravan. The party follows suit to the south and enters the Talonvale forest. Following the tracks for a few days, the party stumbles upon a horse lying dead on the ground. It is identified as the horse the prisoner the elven woman had escaped on.

The party members follow the tracks as best they can, walking deeper and deeper into the vast forest. Night begins to fall. A bright flash and a wave of arcane energy eventually reveals what appears to be a gathering of humanoids. Upon closer inspection there is indeed a dark ritual occurring. A body lies on a slightly raised dais. It is the escaped prisoner. Wandering closely nearby is the elven woman. Surrounding the platform are three cultists, muttering and chanting something. A vortex of storm clouds gathers around ten to fifteen feet above the altar.

Morthil, the half-elven rogue, successfully infiltrates the ceremony, disguised as the cultist leader from the previous caravan ambush. He is able to kill one of the cultists performing the ritual. A fight ensues, as various shadows are summoned against the party. After nearly being killed, the elven woman pulls a dagger from her waist and stabs the man on the altar. The storm clouds break as a layer of mist fills the air.

Upon the altar now stands a shadow demon with long lanky arms, sharp talon like claws protruding from his hands. All of the bodies that had remained vanish and only piles of rags stay behind. A skirmish follows as the shadow demon engages the party. With Morthil coming close to death, Rana, the human warlock, attempts to control the demon with Crown of Madness. With his hunger to feed off of power, the shadow demon is drawn to her, slashing her across the face. She retaliates with a dark rage of her own, exploding with an eldritch rage. The demon is eviscerated within the blast, but only the body of the prisoner lies slain at the feet of where the demon had hovered. Some time passes, and the thought of bringing the dead prisoner’s head back to Kaiden comes up (and is executed). Eventually, the party is able to press on.

The party members return to Talonvale and meet up with the tribunal: Cruice Trannyth (head cleric), Kaiden Stormclaw (captain of the Talonian military), Madelon Emberbreeze (head arcanist), and Emperor Alestan Gaspar. Accompanying the meeting are two new individuals. A human ranger and a half-elven druid. After some time, it is decided that the emblems, the amulets that had been gathered, should be destroyed. Cruice smashes the amulets, and as the second one breaks, there is a flash of energy and the druid accompanying the party collapses. Her eyes glaze over with a black gloss.

The council believes that Ta’lareg, the human ranger, and his previous group unknowingly broke the seal keeping Kel’rorn, the Dark Lord of Chaos, bound to his realm. The council reports on the events that have recently occurred. Outbreaks of undead attacks have been spotted and seem to be traveling north. The party is assigned with the task of hunting down a necromancer who supposedly is behind these events and of otherwise investigating the attacks of the undead that have been troubling the area. Emphasis is put on the importance of not drawing attention to the fact that Kel’rorn could be loose on this realm. Confident in the new party’s abilities, the emperor funds the members and sends them on their way.

The party makes its way into northern Talonia, where one night, the members are ambushed by skeletons, ghouls, and a skeletal warhorse. The next morning, they venture forth toward Dendros. At some point, they spot two humanoids in the middle of the road, a male, lying on his back, and a female, huddled over top of the man, crying. Upon investigation, the woman turns out not to be crying, but eating the man. Professor Brassbind, a dwarven wizard, who is the closest at the time, almost comes under attack, but manages to dodge out of the way. After finishing off the undead woman, Brassbind sets fire to the corpses, and the party continues on. Not long afterwards the party notices a plume of smoke, apparently coming from the village of Leefside.

They reach the village, only to realize that it is overrun with zombies. Most of the buildings are locked up. Various survivors barricaded themselves in the local inn. After clearing the town of undead, Khandril, the high-elf sorcerer, notes that the undead appear to be coming from a crypt to the south. Rana, the human warlock, approaches the inn and tells the citizens hiding inside that it was safe for the time being, but that they were going to investigate the crypt. Knowing the young woman, who had lived at Leefside for several years, the villagers trust Rana’s word.

On approaching the crypt, a fight ensues. Morthil is grabbed by an ethereal figure and dragged inside the crypt. The party has to fight its way inside, but when the members get inside, there is no sign of the rogue. They have to fight through a few more of the undead beasts, until the room is finally clear. A large wood and iron door lies at the back of the room: the stench that fills the crypt is coming from there. The ever headstrong Professor Brassbind is able to open the door – bash the door open, rather – revealing what turns out to be a monstrous flesh golem. After a few good hits from it, the party is able to vanquish the golem. Scattered inside the room are all of Morthil’s belongings.

The party leaves, only Rana lags behind just a tad. She inspects the golem and with that recognizes the face of the entity to be that of their companion Morthil. The party leaves and walks back into town to let the denizens know that it appears to be safe to come out. The tavern owner is so thankful that she grants the party members access to use the tavern anytime they want, free of charge. They feast and rest before setting off the next morning.

Finally, the party makes its way to Dendros, a large city nestled in a mountain range.



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