Time to Dice

Arrival at Dendros

As the party arrives at the gate of Dendros, the large mountain-city in northern Talonia, one of the guards gives them a letter from Kaiden Stormclaw, head of the Talonian military, and captain of the guard. The man who, along with the Emperor himself, sent them on this mission. The letter grants the party access to the ball taking place at the end of the winter festival, which is to begin on the following day. If everything stays calms, the party is to report to the Duke and the Duchess of Dendros during the ball to fill them in on the situation.

Rana takes them to The Dancing Pebble, a nicer tavern on the second level of Dendros, where the dwarf Professor Brassbind soon engages in a drinking match, while Rana talks to the chef of the tavern in private with whom she seems to be very close. The female cook recommends The Hero & Flagon, another tavern which, for reasons unknown, has not attracted overly many guests despite the hugely popular winter festival.

The party continues to said tavern – Brassbind being carried by Ta’lareg and Durion. Everyone retreats for the night, but their rest is cut short as Ta’lareg is woken up by a commotion coming from the next room. The ranger enters Rana’s room and finds the warlock caught in what seems to be a bad dream. As he finally manages to make her snap out of it – the others have gathered around – Rana’s first reaction is to heave herself out of bed and throw up in a corner of her room. After taking a moment, she tells the others what she saw in her dream: every person in Dendros was slaughtered by beings unrecognizable to her, and even the other party members lay dead at her feet. Eventually, a being that might once have been an elf, wearing a golden, jagged crown, approached her, his very presence disturbing Rana to the core. The last thing she saw was a serpent-like figure devouring her.

While the party discusses if this creature could in any way be related to either the necromancer they were looking for or possibly Kel’rorn himself, Rana admits that this was not the first time she saw the violent death of all of Dendros’ citizens in such a “vision”. This time, however, the dream had been far more detailed than ever before.

Soon after, the group discovers that Brassbind has left.



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