Time to Dice

6: And thus it begins

Most of the party members wake up refreshed, and thankfully, Rana does not experience her vision yet again. Poor Ta’lareg has to nurse a decent hangover and wanders the streets in hope of finding apple juice (which he eventually does).

Eventually, the group comes together to go over what they have learned so far.* Everyone agrees that they should watch Verrin fight in the last match of the tournament. There is a good chance that Kel’rorn might give in to his vanity and use the chance to make his grant entrance.
Since they cannot be sure what kind of challenge they have to faced – will Kel’rorn himself appear, and if so, how strong will he be, even if he isn’t at the height of his powers? – Rana suggests to send an anonymous invitation to the Twilight Sentinel, warning him of the return of the false prophet. That way, the warlock reasons, they would have back-up if needed. Keena, however, points out that such a move could create a panic among the citizens even before anything bad has happened. Rana has to agree, and instead the party decides to shop for supplies of all kinds first, then join the final match at the arena.
Should nothing happen during the match, they want to find out more about the weird tunnels Keena found in the cellar of the Hero and Flagon tavern the previous day. It might be nothing more than a smuggle operation, but Rana has begun to wonder if there is a connection between the tunnels and the fact that she has not experienced her horrible vision away from the Hero and Flagon.

Finally sitting in the stands, Keena, Ta’lareg, and Rana wait for the final match to begin. The moment Verrin greets his opponent down in the fighting pit, Rana jumps to her feet in shock. Across from the halfling stands a person who looks exactly like Morthil, her fallen comrade! He introduces himself as Zythaeryn. Only a few seconds later, panic spreads among the audience as a spectator, a lesser beholder, enters the arena right after sucking the life force from a man stumbling into the fighting pit. The man looking like Morthil drops his disguise and the group now sees a drow with white hair and blank white eyes who is holding a staff.** A fight ensues between both parties.

While the guards fend of skeletons in the stands, the party injures the drow mage bad enough for him to retreat, leaving behind the spectator. In a group effort, the creature is destroyed.
More and more skeletons swarm the stands, and to the dismay of all part members, a growing number of shadows appears all around the fighting pit. Realizing that they are vastly outnumbered, they retreat, and Verrin sees himself forced to leave his beloved magical armor behind.

Outside, the jovial winter festival has turned into utter chaos. Citizens are fleeing in all directions, while guards fight skeletons and shadows.
Some of the party members notice a man standing far off in the distance, two city levels above them, who sends a fire ball flying straight into the crowd. They decide to take care of whoever that man is.

Rana falls behind because she sends a message to warn Belendithas using the sending stone he gave her. As she turns around to look back at the arena, she sees the streets of Dendros filled with screams and devastation. Her dark vision has come to life. In this moment, a boiling rage rises inside her chest. Ready to end this, she follows after her comrades…

*Short version:

  • Kel’rorn, god of chaos, might have been set lose on his realm
  • The group has been following what must be the traces left behind by a necromancer who, according to the tribunal of Talonvale, could be a follower of Kel’rorn working towards the release of the chaos god
  • According to Belendithas, Kel’rorn used the body of a necromancer the last time he set foot on this realm. The high priest furthermore assumes that Kel’rorn might be close based on the fact that Rana’s vision from the past is back and occurred two days in a row. He also said that Kel’rorn’s jagged crown holds a good part of his powers since he locks consumed souls inside of it. [That last part was actually not brought up in the session, mentioned here for the sake of refreshing out memories.]

**In Leefside, the city that the previous party rid of undead, Rana and Ta’lareg had learned that in the days prior to the attack, a stranger had been seen around who fit this description.



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