Time to Dice

48: Decisions

  • As her patron tries to escape her body, Rana decides to take the sentinels’ concoction after all. Lilli tries in vain to stop Silver from helping the warlock to drink the alchemist potion. After being put through pain and death, Rana survives the imbibing and eventually enters into a new pact. As Keena tries her best to keep Phantom and Silver away from the warlock, Lilli leaves the fortress, ready to head back to the hamlet and its temple.
  • Rana sends out letters to Belendithas, asking to organize some protection for her mother, to Tempest, asking to keep an eye on Delia, and to her mother, asking to go about her daily business with a watchful eye. Then she is brought to a room where she falls asleep immediately.
  • Keena and Talareg search for Lilli and eventually find the cleric who fell down a ravine, shattering her legs (which she can fix herself for the most part). With some difficulty, the druid and the ranger make it down there to meet up with Lilli and let her know that she had been walking into the wrong direction. The cleric refuses to return to the fortress, that she can’t stay where “it” was. Asked for clarification, Lilli says: “Rana died. … I don’t know what came back, but it wasn’t Rana. … What she did was wrong – she should have just staid dead.” And she adds that selling one’s soul twice was something she considered to be evil and unforgivable and she doesn’t want to find out what the concoction ritual did to the warlock, not keen on having her throat slit in her sleep. Keena and Talareg ask to give Rana the benefit of the doubt, but Lilli replies that she never trusted Rana, that she now does even less so. She also mentions that she already went through something similar with Verrin who, after separating from his god, presumably entered on a dark path.
  • With a blizzard on its way, Keena and Talareg can persuade Lilli to come back with them, promising that they will not enter the fortress. Eventually, the three of them make it through the adverse weather conditions, and they make camp in one of the empty buildings in the fortresses courtyard.
  • Late the next morning, Rana awakes. When she hears from Colwyn that the others have been gone since last night, she contacts Keena with her sending amulet. Keena lets her know that they are outside the fortress and that Lilli will not come back inside. Rana replies that she is ready to leave as soon as she made sure that they received all the information possible from the Twilight Sentinels in regards to The Frozen One. Asked by Keena if she could tell her with whom or what she made the new contact, the warlock answers that it was too early for her to talk about it.
  • Rana asks her grandfather if there is a source of knowledge in the fortress other than the library. Hesitating, he reveals that there is something or someone in the fortress who might be able to share a few more bits of information – someone whose home wasn’t this plane of existence and nobody was supposed to know about. Joined by Colwyn and Talareg, the warlock follows Phantom into a hidden corner of the fortress. There, inside a room scattered with books and scrolls, the three party members come face to face with a mind flayer named Asyuth…



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