Time to Dice

47: Answers

  • After breaking the code, the party is on their last stretch of the journey. Rana finds out that the man she is supposed to kill is none other than the leader of the Twilight Sentinels. Eventually, Tempus Alea reaches the Fortress of Dawn. They meet with the leader of the Twilight Sentinels, Dawnkeeper Phantom, who unfortunately has very little to add the group’s knowledge about The Frozen One. He invites them to make use of the fortresses library. There, Talareg, Keena, Lilli, and Colwyn find out that “The Frozen One” once was a name given to the white ancient dragon Ciamat, that was banned to Shadowfell ages ago by some unknown mages.
  • During an extended conversation, Rana receives answers that turn her world upside-down. Phantom is, in fact, her grandfather, Ruidal Loghda, who also used to be a pact-maker with Shub-Niggurath, Rana’s patron. The Mother of the Abyss, Rana learns, played both her grandfather and herself. The patron is Kel’rorn’s mother, and she tried to use Phantom to bring him back. When he realized what was going on, he sought refuge with the Twilight Sentinels, ultimately breaking his warlock pact by becoming a sentinel himself – and entering into a new pact with a different being. According to Phantom, Shub-Niggurath then killed Rana’s father and their two friends in revenge.
  • When Rana reveals that she was sent to kill him and that Shub was inside her, Phantom answers that he expected that much, as such a situation had arisen more than once since breaking his pact. Phantom puts his granddaughter under a charm spell to temporarily disrupt the connection between Rana and her patron. He lays out the two options she now has: leave immediately, stay connected to the All-Mother, working with the assumption that Rana is still somehow important to her patron since she hasn’t outright killed her; or take the so-called hunter’s bane, an alchemist concoction which would not make Rana a sentinel, but allow her to enter into a new pact – if she survives the concoction itself.
  • Shaken up and unsure about how to proceed, Rana fills in the rest of the party, telling them that she wants to ride it out without taking the concoction (the latter comes as a relief to Lilli and Keena, as neither of them likes the idea of Rana becoming in some way part of the sentinels). They gather in the fortresses entrance hall and tie Rana to a chair, just as the charm spell wears off and the warlock’s patron stirs in her mind once more, not happy at all about what is going on.



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