Time to Dice

46: Now it is personal

  • The party enters into a long and grueling fight against The Frozen One and some wights he conjures. A few of the townsmen join in but die, only to rise as additional wights soon after.
  • Following Lilli’s advice, Rana examines the backside door and finds a slot that her grandfather’s dagger fits into neatly. Just as the letter by Dawnbringer Phantom said, the blade is the key. The civilians flee into the tunnel that apparently leads straight to the Fortress of Dawn.
  • When the party’s strength dwindles, The Frozen One takes Lilli’s holy symbol and leaves, attempts to stop him fail. Lilli tries to go after him even after he takes off on the blue dragon, but Colwyn brings down the entryway of the church to stop her from going outside. After working on removing the rubble for a while, the cleric eventually follows the others back, gently nudged along by Keena.
  • Entering into the same tunnel the villagers had run into, the party soon comes upon a room that seems to require them to solve a letter-based code in order to open the next door.



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