Time to Dice

42: The Journey Begins

  • The next day, the party takes care of some final travel preparations. Everyone gets an upgrade to their armor and/or their weapons. Eventually, five camels are purchased, and the journey begins.
  • Gaetan gives Rana a rat skull, presumably in an attempt to mitigate the suspicion she harbors for him and the orders he received from the Talonvale council. It doesn’t seem to have the wished-for effect. – Keena has been hanging on to the idea that the warlock and the rogue should enter into some form of romantic relationship. Now, however, she suggests to Gaetan that he take it slow as Rana was going through a hard time. Either simply playing along or in actual agreement, Gaetan thanks Keena for her advice.
  • Towards the end of their first long rest, the party is drawn into a fight with a group of kobolds and two skorpiki, creatures that are half man, half scorpion, but comes out victorious.



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