Time to Dice

41: Arrival in Anghor

  • Before Tempus Alea can leave for Anghor, they talk to Tempest. They want to hear his side of the story regarding his infatuation with the prostitute which allegedly brought him into deep financial troubles. Tempest, however, while admitting to seeing that woman on a frequent basis, is confused when he hears that Kethra saw him deliver more and more money to the shady establishment (The Pink Hydra) at which his lady friend works. Lilli suggests they take a look at the treasury. Sure enough, it is almost empty.
  • In the following, the party finds out that Tempest has been under a rather strong charm spell for several months. With Anya’s help, they disrupt the magical bond, then take the confused and embarrassed Tempest with them to the arcanium. There, Lady Emberbreeze promises that clerics will look after Tempest, while the city guard will take care of whoever is involved in the sham at The Pink Hydra.
  • Finally, Lady Emberbreeze sends the party along with Gaetan to Anghor. There, they are welcomed by a group of guards who give them a quick rundown about the Anghor’s layout – it is a floating city! – and leave them with the information how to get to the ground and where to find decent lodging for the night.
  • Eventually, everyone goes to sleep. Not trusting Gaetan and his orders, Rana stations her familiar Aleister outside her room so he can inform her should the rogue leave during the night.



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